What kind of friend are you?

If you find an injured bird on the ground

If your best friend gets a bad mark in Maths

What would your ideal job be?

If your best friends have had an argument

In your class, you are

If you were a sport, you would be

On the bus, an old lady tells you her life story

What kind of friend are you?
psychologist friend
You are curious and interested in people, especially your friends. You like to listen to them, you try to understand them and solve their problems. Don’t forget to think about yourself and try not to be to worry too much about other people’s problems.
fun friend
You always know what to do and say to make people laugh and feel happy. That’s why your friends love you. You help them to see the positive side of things and that’s a great quality. But don’t forget, you also have the right to be sad or tired from time to time.
kind and considerate friend
Your friends know that you are always there when they need you. You are discreet, you don’t like to be the centre of attention, and you always find the right words to comfort your friends. You are a valuable friend. Don’t forget that you have good friends and that you can confide in them if/when you have a problem.