Pourquoi le trèfle est-il le symbole de l’Irlande ?

Why is the shamrock a symbol of Ireland? Retrouvez chaque mois dans I Love English World, The Big Question… et sa réponse !

The shamrock is not an emblem of Ireland by chance. Legend says that St Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, used it to convert many pagan Irish to ­Christianity in the 5th century. He did this by using a type of three-leafed clover called a “shamrock” as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Seen everywhere on St Patrick’s Day (March 17), the shamrock is not to be confused with the four-leafed clover. But as well known as it is, the shamrock is only one of several Irish symbols, Ireland’s official emblem being the Celtic harp!

Tara Swann (I Love English World 295)

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