Test I Love English World

Résultats du test I Love English World

Complète la conversation suivante :

  • Steve: Hello … Laura Simpson?
    is that
  • Laura: Yes, it’s Steve, isn’t it? We … at Jenny’s party last week.
  • Steve: That’s right. … to ask you if you would like come to dinner next Saturday.
    I’m calling

Choisis la bonne forme verbale :

  • I suggest … before we make a final decision.
  • I promise … you forever.
    to love
  • How long did you spend … on your essay?

Complète les phrases avec les tags appropriés.

  • They speak English, …?
    don’t they
  • She’s gone to New York this week, …?
    hasn’t she
  • Don’t forget to phone me, …?
    will you
  • He is going to be very busy next year, …?
    isn’t he

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