Quiz Would you be a good (American) president?
Quiz : would you be a good (American) president?

Would you be a good (American) president?

President of the USA is the most prestigious job in the world. Do you have the profile? Take the test and find out!

Why do you want to be President?

How would you describe yourself?

Who helps you to make important decisions?

What’s your favourite animal?

How many hours do you sleep each night?

For what assignment would you get 20/20?

When do you start your homework?

Would you be a good (American) president?
You have the profile of a president!
You are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary for this prestigious post. Now you need to choose a party... are you a Democrator a Republican?
The post of president is within your reach...
... but it’s going to be a lot of hardwork to get there! Perhaps you could start as vice-president or as one of the president’s advisors?
You’d be unhappy in the presidential role.
You need a more alternative or artistic job. You could try organizing events at the White House, or even decorating the Executive Residence (where the President lives). Good luck !

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