Test : What is your ideal school?

What is your ideal school?

Do you love school or do you hate it ? Do this test and find out.

What do you have for breakfast before going to school?

How would you describe your best friends?

What’s your favourite kind of dance?

What do you wear to school?

If you were an animal you would be

What do you do to improve your English?

Which country do you dream of going to?

What is your ideal school?
You feel good at your school
For you, rules and regulations are not a problem but a solution. You’ve noticed that the quality of your work improves when your teachers are strict and demanding, and that’s what motivates you! You’re lucky because you really like school but remember, you won’t always have teachers behind you telling you what to do. Why don’t you try to motivate yourself ?
You dream of going to a performing arts school
For you, school is really boring, from your school uniform and homework, to your rigid timetable and your teachers. You want to learn new things, but you want to do it in a fun, creative way where you can express yourself. You feel limited at school. But remember that rules and regulations are there to give you a sense of discipline, which will help you whatever you do, even if you want to be a dancer or an musician. And you can always develop your creative side outside of school.
You don’t need school
You are organised, you enjoy working alone, you love doing research on the internet and working on projects. In your opinion, that’s how you learn to become an independent adult. And you’re right ! But don’t forget, your teachers and your lessons can help you gain time and discover a great variety of subjects. Why don’t you ask your teachers if you can set up a project or do some group work with your classmates so that you can use your intiative in a positive way!

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