Test : Do you love food ?

Do you love food?

Is food your biggest pleasure or just something that interrupts your day?


Your parents are going out tonight, so you have to make dinner …

For you, vegetables are …

You are on holiday in England …

What is a mince pie?

Your grandmother wants to buy you a present …

You eat food because …

Do you love food?
You have a sweet tooth
When it comes to food, your priority is pleasure. You don’t see why it’s important to eat a healthy diet. Your mother probably tells you to eat more fruit and vegetables and she’s right. Maybe one day you will be more adventurous and try eating healthy food. Maybe you will even enjoy it!
A future top chef
You like to discover new flavours, and exotic food from around the world. You love to invent recipes and watch TV shows like Top Chef and Master Chef. Food is your passion! Who knows, maybe one day you will be a great chef? But don’t forget to enjoy the other things in life too!
Food? What food?
You are not interested in food and you think that eating is a waste* of time: you have more exciting things to do, like listening to music, playing video games, doing sports ... But you need to eat a healthy* diet for your brain and your body to function well. So, slow* down and enjoy your food!

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